Migrating to IEX Cloud

IEX will end support for the Legacy v1 Devleoper API on June 1st, 2019. At that time, the use of iexfinance will require an IEX Cloud account. In addition, support for all legacy only endpoints will be discontinued.

iexfinance version 0.4.1 uses IEX Cloud by default and adds warnings to all calls which use the legacy API. In version 0.4.2 (June 1st, 2019), all calls will default to IEX Cloud (most functions will remain compatible with the new platform) in addition to the deprecation of legacy-only functions.

IEX supports a number of subscrpition plans ranging from free tier to enterprise-level service.

Migration Overview

  • Use of iexfinance will require an authentication token, which can be obtained through the creation of an IEX Cloud account. This token can be passed via argument or by setting the environment variable IEX_TOKEN
  • iexfinance will default to IEX Cloud Version 1 for all API calls. Along with the discontinuation of the legacy API on June 1, 2019, the beta period for IEX Cloud will end. Setting IEX_API_VERSION to iexcloud-beta will return the equivalent to that of iexcloud-v1
  • An ImmediateDeprecationError will be thrown by iexfinance 0.4.2 for IEX_API_VERSION set to v1.

Backwards Incompatible Changes

THe following endpoints are no longer supported by IEX Cloud and will be deprecated in iexfinance 0.4.2:


  • Crypto Quotes - stocks.get_crypto_quotes

Reference Data

  • IEX Corporate Actions - refdata.get_iex_corporate_actions
  • IEX Dividends - refdata.get_iex_dividends
  • IEX Next Day Ex Date - refdata.get_iex_next_day_ex_date
  • IEX Listed Symbol Directory - refdata.get_iex_listed_symbol_dir

Additional Information

  • The ref-data/symbols endpoint has changed in IEX Cloud. In the v1 (legacy) Developer API, this endpoint returned the list of symbols IEX supports for trading. In IEX cloud, it returns the list of symbols IEX supports for api calls.