IEX API Issues

For issues the provider’s API endpoints, see the IEX Cloud Github. Further, the IEX Status twitter account provides updates about issues and service interruptions.

Filling a Void

It seemed for a number of years that the primary sources of free US equities data for Python developers were the Yahoo Finance and Google Finance APIs. Given that both of these services were discontinued in 2017, analysts and developers have begun the search for their replacement. A strong contender for live equities data is the Investors’ Exchange Developer Platform, a “reliable, enterprise API” that is “free for everyone.”

For those with concerns that the service will not remain reliable and will not remain free, see below for further discussion. For now, we’ve benchmarked the API’s performance against that of the late Yahoo and Google services and found that, for daily and intraday information, the IEX service is actually quite comparable. And thus with a Python wrapper for IEX’s [Stocks] (https://iextrading.com/developer/docs/#stocks) and IEX Market Data endpoints we can access this data in a similar way in the past.

iexfinance, a wrapper for this service, is written in a similar fashion as both Lukasz Banasiak’s Yahoo Finance wrapper and Hongtao Cai’s Google Finance wrapper, allowing for lookup of both individual symbols as well as batch requests.