Alternative Data


iexfinance.altdata.get_crypto_quote(symbol, **kwargs)

Crypto Quotes

This will return a quote for Cryptocurrencies supported by IEX Cloud. Each element is a standard quote.

Reference: Data Weighting: 1 per symbol

Parameters:symbol (str) – A cryptocurrency symbol for retrieval

Social Sentiment

iexfinance.altdata.get_social_sentiment(symbol, period_type=None, date=None, **kwargs)

Social Sentiment


Unstable endpoint. May return unexpected results.

This endpoint provides social sentiment data from StockTwits. Data can be viewed as a daily value, or by minute for a given date.


Data Weighting: 100 per date for daily, 200 per symbol for minute

  • symbol (str) – A single symbol for retrieval
  • period_type (str, default daily, optional) – Can only be daily or minute. Translates to the “type” path parameter in the IEX Cloud documentation
  • date (str or datetime.datetime) – Specify date to obtain sentiment data

CEO Compensation

iexfinance.altdata.get_ceo_compensation(symbol, **kwargs)

CEO Compensation

This endpoint provides CEO compensation for a company by symbol


Data Weighting: 20 per symbol

Parameters:symbol (str) – A single symbol for retrieval